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Keira Bell had genderdysforie en kreeg puberteitsremmers, testosteron en een dubbele mastectomie. Ze kwam er achter dat dit haar totaal niet geholpen heeft en dat ze toch vrouw is. Ze spande een rechtszaak aan ( en won) om te zorgen dat andere kinderen niet ook zo gemakkelijk dergelijk ingrijpende behandelingen ondergaan.

Most detransitioners start identifying as trans at 13-16 (puberty), ID for several years, try medical transition for a relatively short amount of time and then detransition around the time brain development has matured (25).
Detransitioners: what can we learn

Ellie, a 20-year old detransitioner talks about the timeline of her life before transitioning, during transitioning and after detransitioning. Her voice is low from years of testosterone. “I am doing it for me.” 
YouTube film

James Caspian on the suppression of his research into people who detransition.
‘My battle with the transgender thoughtpolice’

In the UK was an increase of more than 1,000% in the annual rate of natal male youngsters seeking specialist gender services from 2009 to 2019, with a 4,400% increase among natal females. 
From 40 in 2009-10 to more than 1,800 in 2019.
We need to understand why the ranks of detransitioners are growing

An interview with a male desister /detransitioners from the Netherlands gives insight in peerpressure and reasons why he didn’t want to be male. after a few years of living as a woman he embraced his sex and sexuality 
YouTube film

BBC Worldservice documentary on detransitioners

Transitioning is dangerous, especially for children.
A former transgender activist speaks 

Another detransitioner telling about the path that led to transitioning & detransitioning

The realisation that transition may not have been the right path to go down can be lonely and isolating. Lost in Transition is a support group for those looking to meet others who have or are considering detransition.  
Support group and blog

A few months ago, Carol,  a butch lesbian, began to detransition, after being on testosterone for almost 4 years and undergoing a bilateral mastectomy. You can follow her here 
Her story

The detransitioners forum on Reddit is growing rapidly. It has thousands and thousands of detransitioners, parents and loved ones sharing experiences.

Article on detransitioners who are on YouTube

Gender care consumer advocacy network

Sex-change specialist warns of surgery regrets as two Irish people reverse procedure. Leading doctor who helps transgender people change their sex is now supporting three patients who regret having surgery.

Young Woman Suffering the Irreversible Effects of Testosterone Begs Lawmakers – Please Protect Young People from Medical Harm 

For several years, he said, the doctors he saw enticed him with gender transition surgery and led him to believe that being castrated was a beneficial option that would improve his overall health and well-being.
Detransitioner recounts how doctors manipulated him

Ellie and Nele, from she to he- and back to she again

From 2004.  Note there is no mention of the term ’transwoman/women’ in here, the terms used being transsexuals/transgender/transvestites.  
Two very sad stories and some alarming medical mentions too.

Documentary on Walt Hyer,and Rene Jax.
Hier en hier

A story about a boy with regrets from 60 Minutes Australia.
Film on YouTube

Frank’s story. YouTube film

Hacsi Horvath, discussing the targeting of children . Transitioning is dangerous.

Filmpje of a MTF Detransitioner

Website met veel informatie, ook in het Nederlands