Links over gender-ideologie

Er zijn veel links verzameld op Twitter en op de gender-kritische pagina Stop Self ID

This is a thread about children and hormones, treatments, also with links for parents #transkids

#transhealth #transmental
This thread is about the health of trans identified people. I will combine mental health and physical health.

#detransitioning and #detransitioners
This is a thread for articles about transgender regret, from young women ton old men regretting they took hormones or even had cosmetic surgery. #detransitioners#detransitioning#sexnotgender.

This thread is about #transcrime. About male prisoners in female prisons. Lower punishment for trans offenders. And other stories connected to criminality.

A collection of miscellaneous articles and videos that are worthy of reading or watching, I will use the hashtag #transparant

The transindustry is a billion dollar industry. The political power of the transmovement is unprecedented. In his thread I will collect articles on money and politics.

#DutchDebate #SekseGeenGender #SexNotGender
Links to the different articles that appeared online in the discussion about the new self ID law in the Netherlands
The article that started the DutchDebate in English:
Dutch selfidentification-law is Dangerous for the rights of women
and in Dutch:
Nieuwe Transgenderwet brengt de veiligheid van vrouwen in gevaar